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Whether you are just learning to ride a mountain bike, are interested in exploring gravel roads, or are an experienced cyclist of all disciplines; we have a route for you here in Santa Barbara. Below are a few that act as great solo rides in the evenings or as all day epics with your friends.


Mountain Biking

An ideal ride from downtown – 

See the Mission Rose Garden, ride by the Botanic Garden, up to inspiration point, and down Jesusita Trail. This is a moderate (blue) route.



Montecito Ocean Views  – 

A mellow climb up a fire road that turns to single track eventually meeting a harder single track descent route down. Ride down the way you came for an easier ride. 

This is a moderate (blue) route.


Backcountry Views – 

Descending from Camino Cielo to the Santa Ynez River, this trail is shaded for its entirety, providing cool temps and great views of the backcountry!

This is a hard (black) route.


Santa Ynez Adventure – 

From the Santa Ynez River, up a mellow fire road and down a rolling single track trail to loop back to a swimming hole before driving home.

This is a moderate (blue) route.



Front Country Classics – 

Head up Romero fire road above Montecito, across the skyline of Camino Cielo, and down Gibralter Road to a coffee downtown.


Santa Ynez to the Sea –

Ride up the quiet climb of Old San Marcos Pass, down the sleepy road of Stagecoach, along the Santa Ynez River on Paradise, up the gravel of Angoustera and down the classic pavement of Gibralter.

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