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Total Tequepis

Total Tequepis

Some of us had either never heard of this trail or ridden it, which is what made this trail day so exciting. This was our first trail event after our membership party and we had a huge turnout of 35 people! This meant we would cover a lot of ground and cover much of the trail. For those who still have never ridden the trail, it is a 4 mile, out and back adventure. The trail recently opened after being closed since the Whittier fire of last year. It was quite a shock for those returnees to the trail. Instead of climbing through brushy trees, we could see all the way to the neighboring mountains. It felt a bit eerie, like we were working our way to Mordor.

Since we had such a large turnout, we split into 2 bike teams and 1 hike team. One of the teams stopped halfway to spread out the work force. We spent most of the day clearing debris, cutting back over grown foliage, and brushing the trail. All the groups stayed out longer than normal since the ride to the top is quite long. After a long morning of getting down and dirty, we all headed back down the trail. One of the best parts about this trail is a classic physics lesson, what goes up must come down. Oh, we flew down!

Photographs by Maxwell Frank


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