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State Trails Day – Saturday, April 6th 2019

State Trails Day – Saturday, April 6th 2019

State Trails Day – Saturday, April 6th 2019

Today was a collaborate trail work day where we partnered with The City of Santa Barbara, The County of Santa Barbara, Montecito Trail Foundation, Los Padres Forest Association, The Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade, Trails Council, Montecito Union School and were supported by Chicken Ranch and REI.

The day started with a bit of mingling complemented by coffee and donuts brought in by the Bucket Brigade–Thank you!! After that Steve Biddle from Santa Barbara Parks and Rec. presented the days plan, gave a safety talk and split us up to work on Hot Spring Canyon Trail and Romero Canyon Trail.

About ⅔ of us (~60 people) worked on Hot Springs Canyon Trail, and ⅓ (~30 people) worked on Romero Canyon Trail. We had a great turn out of crew leaders and were able to have about 5-8 volunteers per leader.

Hot Springs Canyon Trail received a bit of a brush trim. The brush was really encroaching on the trail, in many places you’d look down and no feet could be seen. The visibility forward and rearward was also quite limited. On top of brushing, crews worked on defining the trail across the creek in a couple spots–they moved a lot of rock!–really transformed a confusing crossing into a well defined trail.  Also, many key drainage features were built, and a lot of trail benching and deberming was done.

Over at Romero the crews worked on creek crossings and drainage features too. The first creek crossing (down from the 4-way Jeep Rd. singletrack intersection) on the lower singletrack trail was transformed from another confusing crossing to a well defined trail. From that crossing down crews worked on deberming, building drainage features such as knicks and rolling grade dips and also worked on clearing some trail encroaching brush.

After working on the trails we headed back to Montecito Union School and enjoyed a tasty Chicken Ranch Lunch :), And, some lucky people received some prizes from REI presented by Steve.

It was a great great day! The trails are looking very good. Hope you can get out there, check out the work and enjoy the wildflowers!

Thank you so much to all the volunteers and organizers!

The City of Santa Barbara. The County of Santa Barbara. Los Padres Forest Association. Montecito Trail Foundation. The Bucket Brigade. Trails Council. REI. Chicken Ranch. Montecito Union School for the meet up, lunch and parking base.

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