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SBMTV Membership Party 2018

SBMTV Membership Party 2018

This May, SBMTV celebrated our volunteers who give hours of their time to trail work efforts. Not only was this a celebration for veteran members, but for new members as well. The first activity of the day was riding private local flow trails. It was refreshing for all of use to ride these short trails with large berms and pumping sections. Not a single rock on the trail! Many of us rode lap after lap. Riding with different people every time, sharing which of the two trails we preferred. Endless smiles. We were fortunate to have Maxwell Frank, a local professional videographer, photographer, and SBMTV member capture our excitement on the trails.

After hours of riding trails, people started gathering around the house to enjoy beverages and tacos! Everyone was delighted to gorge on build-your-own-tacos served up by ______. While waiting in line, people were catching up with new and old friends. With more than sixty people at the event, there was plenty of conversation to go around.

Soon after the taco party, the music began inside. Brian Titus Trio filled the party with the wonderful sounds of Americana barn-stomping music. There were dancing circles and toe tapping. As a first time listener to Brian Titus, I was already a fan. Not only is the music delightful, but the musicians brought a bright and energetic presence to the crowd. During the half time, SBMTV President Mike Tarpey and Board Member Doug Jacobson, both gave speeches on behalf of the group. Though our trails have experienced hardships this year, this has sparked a new light in SBMTV. There are now many goals to reach and we are excited to get there. During the second session, people started gather around the Silent Auction tables where there was a variety of items donated by local organizations such as Patagonia, Velo Pro Cyclery, Calla Gold jewelry and many more. There were some fun bidding wars and thank you to everyone for helping us raise more money for our group!

Things started winding down during the final songs of Brian Titus. People slowly trickled out with smiles and sunburns. The bidding wars were coming to an end and people would get to take their winnings home. We are so glad that many of our members were able to come out and celebrate. Thank you again and we looking forward to seeing you all at our next event!

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