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SB Century Ride Aid Station

Gorgeous views, gorgeous day

Gorgeous views, gorgeous day

The Santa Barbara Century Ride drew 946 registered riders from 20 states and Canada for an epic ride of 100 miles and over 9000 feet of climbing.  The Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers stood ready to provide water, snacks, and a shady place to rest on a gorgeous sunny day.   The SBMTV aid station was about half way up a tough Gibraltar climb.   As the spandex-clad roadies participating in the Century Ride climbed up Gibraltar, the temperature started to climb too, and we had a lot of hot and tired riders stopping to rest.  We grabbed bikes from riders who were struggling to dismount, filled water bottles with water, ice and sports drink, and brought sandwiches and other snacks to riders resting in the shade.


A big shout out to all the volunteers this year.   Our aid station is conveniently situated at the entrance to the West Fork of Cold Springs Trail and we had a number of people who hiked or rode their bikes up, then were rewarded with a fun hike or ride down after we closed up the station.   This year we had our smallest volunteer yet, Emilio Tarpey age 2, who cheered on the riders with cries of ‘yee haw!’ while he danced and showed off his balance bike skills.   Thank you to everyone who made this a great event!


– Lauren Jacobson


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