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Review: Upper Romero Trail Work 1/20/2013

Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch lunch provided!

On Sunday Jan 20th, ten volunteers ventured across East Camino Cielo, past a remnant ice waterfall to the  Upper Romero Trail head for a great day of trail work.

The day’s trail crew enhanced the recent brush work and improved the waterbars into functioning erosion control features.

Waterbars converted to rolling grade dips…

Specifically, trench work that was installed through switchbacks was repaired and proper drainage (rolling grade dips) was placed before after the switchbacks/corners.

Many waterbars (old trail tech) were converted to rolling grade dips and “nicks”  added (both newer and much better trail tech) where appropriate.

Additionally, a number of sections of trail were “debermed” and restored to a 5 degree outslope allowing water to sheet across the trail instead of running down and eroding the trail.

Three of the volunteer were brand new to trail work, but quickly picked up the skills need to create rolling grade dips, nicks, and outslope.  They did an excellent job!

Volunteer converting her first waterbar!

Trail work was followed by a Santa Barbara Chicken ranch feast on the Romero Saddle.  It was pretty incredible to relax for a bit, chow down, and enjoy the 360 degree view from the saddle.  Another excellent day of trail work…

We hope to see you at the next trail work event – February 10th on Little Pine Trail.






The crew gearing up for the day

Hiking the ridge to upper Romero trail


Before: what not to do, place a trench down through a switch back.

During: repairing the  switchback and with drainage above and below.

The day was clear enough to see Santa Barbara Island – faint in top left…

The Santa Barbara Channel








Before: another switchback trenched and draining to no where.


After: Switchback debermed and outsloped. Drainage above and below.



























Done for the day.

Lunch and views are the rewards.









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