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Review: May 15th MTB Events!

Review: May 15th MTB Events!

On Sunday Morning May 15th…all of this took place:

Mountain Bike Skills Clinic

With the help of CycleMAYnia and two very talented instructors, Tiffany Allmandinger and Michael Blake, SBMTV hosted a mountain bike skills clinic on Sunday morning in Rocky Nook Park. The 15 participants varied widely in both age and experience level and all got some great tips and pointers on bike handling, technical riding and trail etiquette from our terrific instructors. Many of the participants then got to practice their skills on the second Tunnel Tours run. Big thanks to Tiffany and Michael – a great time was had by all and we look forward to doing it again next year!

Tunnel Tours

Thanks to Cycle Maynia and SBMTV we took 26 riders out on the front country Sunday May 15th. We had some great ride leaders to take on Tunnel, Cold Springs and Romero in two trips to the top of East Camino Cielo – thank you Fiesta Taxi! We had two father and son duos, a 11 year old ripper, his uncle from New York that had not ridden a bike since we was a kid, and an all woman’s run on Cold Springs! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed learning about trail etiquette and techniques from the ride leaders even with the on- and-off rain and a bit of snow at the top! Thanks to all that came out and look for next year’s CycleMAYnia Tunnel Tours 2012.

Jesusita Trail Work

Also that morning, nine volunteers assembled to do some much needed brushing on Jesusita Trail above Moreno Ranch (the water fountain). UCSB’s Environmental Affairs Board (EAB) was well represented with three enthusiastic trail workers, Daniel, Russell, and Niko, led by clearing masters Issac and Ian, followed close behind by one-armed wonders (and SBMTV members) Lauren and Doug. The crew brushed a section of trail with head-high and shoulder-width overgrowth and returned it to a six-foot wide, easy to negotiate corridor. Crew member Jorge found the little ephemeral spring that, again was appearing in the trail and causing erosion; he also found the drain pipe that had been installed under the trail about five years ago, cleared it out, refortified it, and voilá – the spring now runs and drains under the trail no longer causing erosion. The EAB crew – (new to trail work,) were also instructed on and improved a failing rolling grade dip to keep the water off of the trail. Big thanks to the EAB crew + Lauren and Doug! We hope to have these volunteers…and YOU, on the next trail work event!
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