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Rattlesnake Connector Re-surfaces!

Rattlesnake Connector Re-surfaces!

Rattlesnake Connector Volunteers!


(Full Photo Set here!)

Rattlesnake connector trail, a once popular hiking trail between Tunnel Trail and Rattlesnake trail had fallen in to disrepair and heavy brush over the years.  The Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers (and groups MTC, LPFA, MTF, SBTC) with SB City, County, and Forest staff led community volunteers to a successful re-opening of the trail!

It was encouraging to see new volunteers from the hiking, trail running, and mountain biking communities on this event. The group followed County and City staff with McLeods, loppers, and Rogue tools to clear cut brush and do minor tread repair.  Mark Guy, County Parks Ranger with Dave and Joe of Santa Barbara City led the volunteers by running their industrial strength power hedgers into and through the heavy brush covering the trail.

Izaak gets ready to clear a lot of brush...

Approximately eighty percent of the trail was reopened to Forest Service width guidelines allowing easy passage and good sight lines along the route.  The cut vegetation will start re-growing immediately and the recently “worked on look” will disappear quickly.   It was immediately apparent of how important the use of power tools where to the efficiency and success of this event – without those tools only a sixteenth of the trail would have been cleared.  This holds true for our whole trail system – with the miles of trail, shortage of volunteers, and lack of agency resources, we need power tools on trail events to keep up with the amount of work to be done.

A thanks goes out to day’s crew leaders Dave Everett, Doug Jacobsen, Ryan Harris, and Damon Eckert.  Also a big thanks goes out to the mountain bikers who worked on the hiking only Rattlesnake Connector Trail – as well as SBMTV for supplying the food from Chicken Ranch (ala Paul Herning) for the event.

Sherri walks section of opened trail (see above)!

And a special thanks goes out to Rebecca Mordini the Front Country Trails Coordinator who was able to pull a very successful event together with little resources!

See you out there,

Chris Orr

Trails and Greenways Advocate

VP – Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers,

Regional California Rep – International Mountain Bicycling Association,


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