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New Bike Bells!

SBMTV volunteers from ages 6 – 60 met up at Rusty’s pizza last Wednesday.  Fueled by pizza, firestone dba, bark’s rootbeer and the latest MTB bike movies… volunteers cranked out a mountain of new bells.

Why do we do it?

Over the years SBMTV has distributed over 10,000 bike bells on behalf of the MTB and muti-use trail community.  Mountain bike bells alert others to approaching bikes and significantly reduce the number of surprise encounters.  Anyone that has ridden with a bike bell has experienced first hand the appreciation that other trails users have for those riding with a bike bell. “thanks for the bell.”

SBMTV likes to stress that attaching a bell to the bike does not give the rider the right of way. This also means other trail users do not need to move out of the way when they hear bikes approaching.  The bell’s sole purpose is to eliminate that element of surprise.

In addition to riding with a bike bell these additional trail etiquette tips will lead to more smiles and a positive experience for all:

  • Stay Alert: Santa Barbara front country trails can be extremely crowded. Stay alert!
  • Yield: Bicycles yield to all other trail users. Uphill travel has priority.
  • Maintain Control: Maintain controllable speed, slow around blind corners, and ride within your limits.
  • Ride Smart: Use riding techniques that minimize impacts to the trail.
  • Speak: Take the time to say “Hello” and “Passing on your Left/Right” to other trail users.
  • Small Groups: Keep riding group sizes small
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