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March 2015 – Little Pine / Santa Cruz Trail – Go Ride It! Trail Maintenance Success!

March 2015 – Little Pine / Santa Cruz trail – two trail work events back to back!


On March 15th, nine SBMTV volunteers took on the task of hiking halfway to Little Pine peak and and then maintaining the trail.  The crew restored/rebenched the slide above “Dead Dog” meadow and right at the exposed white cliffs.  This section of trail became significantly easier and less risky to use.  Above the repaired slide, a significant amount of brushing took place and erosion control was improved.  Fortunately the predicted heat was tempered by cloud cover and breezes, enabling the volunteers to work and hike out fairly easily.  The crew was treated to burgers and refreshments at Paradise Cafe – ending the day satiated and content with great trail work!

Then on the following weekend,  Saturday March 21st SBMTV held a special “MTB Strike Team” event on Little Pine / Santa Cruz Trail.  Six volunteers where shuttled up Buckhorn Rd to Happy Hollow campground right behind the Little Pine summit.  The volunteers then mountain biked down the trail with SBMTV’s collapsable “Trail Boss” tools, packable handsaws and loppers, and our special tool carrying backpacks.  The deep gullying that was occurring on the middle section of the trail below the shale slides was repaired, ten water control structures where cleaned out and enhanced, and the mid-shale slide was repaired/re-benched making it passable.  Ten hikers came through just as the slide was repaired and were heard saying “this is so much better!”.  The crew packed up, enjoyed riding the rest of the trail down to Upper Oso and again headed to Paradise Cafe for burgers and drinks…

Go ride Little Pine – it’s in great condition.  Check back soon for upcoming trail events and other “MTB Strike Team” special events!

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