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February 9th, 2014 – Camuesa Connector Trail Work Review!

Camuesa at the end...

Rainbow at the end of Camuesa

The 2013 White Fire in the Lower Oso area of the Los Padres did some damage – it burnt part of Camuesa Connector trail and it destroyed the Los Padres Forest Association’s (LPFA) tool/equipment room at the Los Padres Ranger station.

The LPFA started 2014 off by holding an incredible Volunteer Wilderness Ranger training in January, starting a fund raiser, and then joining  SBMTV in February to restore part of  Eastern Camuesa Connector trail!

The day’s fifteen volunteers re-established the drainage structures that had been removed during the building of fire line, improved the switchbacks that were damaged, and improved the rolling grade dips and knicks that were converted from waterbars in 2012.  A huge amount of work was done…and Camuesa Connector will stand up to the the elements and use much better for it!

After a rewarding day of work, the crew enjoyed burgers and laughs at the Paradise Store on SBMTV.   Join on us on one our future events – the second Sunday of every month.  Coming up March 9th – Little Pine!



LPFA and SBMTV volunteers geared up for trail work!


Re-establishing the trail tread the doser line took out.


Establishing the route, camouflaging the doser line, and assisting the re-vegetation by vertically planting the fire cut remnants.


Cleaning out and improving the rolling grade dips to last through major storms – and for years.


Jasonn, President of the LPFA shaping dirt!


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