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Elings Park Trail Work Wednesday – May 22nd

Elings Park Trail Work Wednesday – May 22nd

May 22nd 2019

Wow, so today, we got a lot of work done. A lot of Mustard brushing, yeeeaah! And, A lot of dirt work.

We had two people running pole hedgers overtime–they started about an hour early and worked a bit past 7:30pm. We were able to brush the north side traverse trail, and the majority of the south side climbing/descending trail that is just west of the downhill trail.

Elings park also recently mowed the windy cross country trail on the top of the park, east side, so we cleared a lot of chopped grass from that trail. Just a few days ago it was quite hard to pass through that trail on foot or bike. The Mustard had nearly walled it off. We also did some dirt work here, deberming and improved drainage features.

Thanks so much everyone! Check back on our website and Facebook to find out where our next work day is.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Also if you have any photos to share from trail work feel free to send them to

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