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Congratulations Cranky’s Bikes!

Thank you for supporting SBMTV.  Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers partnered with local bike shops to create a win-win situation.  Now you can sign up for SBMTV membership at your favorite local bike shop.  By enrolling through your bike shop, you are supporting the SBMTV mission of trail advocacy through sustainable multi-use trails AND supporting your local bike shop.

 Every 3 months SBMTV rewards the bike shop with the most memberships.  Jim Cadenhead and the employees at Cranky’s at 1014 State St won our first round with Velo Pro at 633 State St in second and Bicycle Bob’s at 15 Hitchcock Way in third.  Round two has already begun, but it is still any shops game at this point.  SBMTV is now an IMBA chapter, so SBMTV membership also includes IMBA membership at no additional cost.  Support your local trails.  Sign up for SBMTV membership today.
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