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March 3, 2018

SANTA BARBARA, CA — Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers (SBMTV) and Santa Cruz Bicycles are pleased to announce the industry-wide effort “Back On Trail” just concluded its campaign and raised an amazing $128,249 dedicated to trail reconstruction from damage resulting from the Thomas fire and floods and other recent wildfires.

The month-long campaign was in partnership with Santa Cruz Bicycles, who was leading a group of other California-based bike industry companies. All donated top-notch quality components to make custom rescue-themed bikes honoring the firefighting efforts. A similar campaign also took place for the fire ravaged communities of Sonoma County.

“We talked to our shops, reps and customers in the areas affected by the fires and above all they expressed a real desire for a return to normalcy,” said Santa Cruz CEO Joe Graney. “We all know how a good bike ride makes you feel, and we want to help people get back to that.”

Topa Topa Brewing Company hosted SBMTV on 3 pm, Sunday Feb. 18 at their Santa Barbara location in the Funk Zone. Two custom designed bicycles by Santa Cruz Bicycles, worth $10,000 apiece, were on display. 

  “Our trail systems have suffered greatly from the Thomas fire and floods,” said Mike Tarpey of SBMTV, “so trail restoration efforts will offer all user groups a great opportunity to help rebuild our local trails using modern, sustainable design standards, in the end making them better suited to the challenging terrain of our canyons.”

And the winners are? They are both from California— Donald Smith from Costa Mesa, and Andrew Witt from Santa Barbara. Don Palermini, Marketing Director for Santa Cruz Bicycles, said “I spoke to both of them yesterday and their responses were understandably ecstatic once I convinced them it wasn’t someone playing a joke. Andrew, a student who attends college in Seattle bought $25 worth of entries, while Donald’s $1,000 investment paid off nicely. Congratulations and thank you to them both!”


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