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From our Bylaws:

2.1 Sage Trail Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable trail access for all users. Beyond trail work, Sage works to advocate for equitable access to trails for all users where appropriate. Sage supports the conservation of open spaces and is committed to educating mountain bicyclists to ride sensitively and responsibly in order to protect the natural environment and the experience of other trail users. Toward these ends, Sage has the following goals:

2.2 Activities and Programs. To provide its members and the general public with opportunities to steward, care for, and recreate on Santa Barbara County’s open spaces. We offer trail maintenance work days, bicycle patrols, educational programs and family activities designed to promote the responsible use of multi-use public trails.

2.3 Environmental Protection. To provide leadership in the protection and preservation of the environment by advocating the development of informed public policy and by encouraging the establishment and management of protected land and water areas within Sage’s geographical area.

2.4 Organization. To provide an organization of volunteers who will manage Sage’s facilities and programs, encourage public respect for the environment and mountain biking, offer Sage’s expertise to others, and support individual contributions in realizing Sage’s goals.

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