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About Us

For over thirty years, the Sage Trail Alliance has provided some 2000 hours of volunteer work each year to care for the Santa Barbara trails. Founded in 1988, our mission is and has always been to maintain and improve our trails to reduce risk and increase the enjoyment of all users. Our mission and goals are to educate, maintain, and protect:


Responsible trail use, respect, and education of all trail users.


The design & maintenance of environmentally & socially sustainable trails.


Provide responsible care for public lands through continued stewardship.

Sage Trail Alliance trail crew leaders are trained by the US Forest Service and make trail work safety their first priority. Our volunteers are trained in tool safety and sustainable trail work techniques. All Sage Trail Alliance work events are reviewed and authorized by the appropriate governmental agency. These agencies include the US Forest Service, Santa Barbara County and the City of Santa Barbara . Our volunteers include hikers, equestrians, trail runners and mountain bikers.

Almost all of our trail work is done using hand tools such as Pulaskis, McLeods, hand saws, and brush loppers. Sage Trail Alliance has a strict, “no power tools” policy during fire season or whenever conditions pose a risk of fire. Only select Sage Trail Alliance volunteers who have received US Forest Service approval in their safe use may use power tools.


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