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A Summer of Trail Work at Elings Park

Last month we finished a second summer of Wednesday evening trail work at Elings Park. Organized by Mike Tarpey and worked by a number of loyal volunteers, SBMTV cleared brush at one of the only intermediate riding areas around.

Before and After

Before and after brush clearing on the “Flow Ridge” trail section at Elings Park.

Elings Park ( is a non-profit privately owned park. Without volunteer effort the trails would be impassible. The section in this before and after shot was cleared the year before. As you can see even in a light rain year like 2013, the mustard, fennel, and other brush quickly encroach on the trail. Not only is the trail hard to ride when choked with weeds, you can’t see other trail users ahead of you which can result in dangerous encounters. By clearing the trails we not only enhance the riding, but also promote safety for all users. While we value Elings for providing “gateway” trails for riders looking to tackle our challenging front country trails, many different types of users can be found on the Elings trails, including dog walkers, hikers, and definitely trail runners. Some of the trails we worked will be part of the Elings Park “Terrain Series” 5k trail races this fall.

Thanks again to Mike for organizing our work this summer, and for the many repeat volunteers who showed up and cut and cleared the trails with us!

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