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Your Action Required – New Trails for Goleta!!


The Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers are reaching out to the community generating support for NEW Multi-User Trails proposed in the Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan decades ago!

The Goleta Valley Plan is being revised by the Santa Barbara County Planning Commissions and will guide trail development for the next quarter century!  The County Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the updated version of the Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan on June 17, 2015.

SBMTV urges you to both spread the word and to personally contact the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission – letting them know that you support the development of the new trails and how doing so will have a positive impact on the community.


Example Message:

To: Santa Barbara County Planning Commission c/o David Villalobos at:

cc: Janet Wolf, County Supervisor:

Subject: Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan Trail Update

Dear Chair Brown and Commission Members,

As trail user and mountain biker the creation of new multi-use foothill trails in the Goleta valley that connect to the Los Padres National Forest are a high priority to me.

For the last 25 years the Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan has proposed such trails, but our community still does not have even one foothill trail! I respectfully request that the Planning Commission:

   • Adopt policies and programs to ensure that new trails are implemented.

   • Pursue creative measures to spur trail acquisition.

   • Provide strong incentives for land owners to offer easements for new trails.

Please do everything possible to ensure that our generation leaves a legacy that includes making our community a better place for nature-based outdoor recreation!



More info on the Goleta Valley plan can be found here on the SB Trails Council page:

And directly on the Counties website:

To view comments already submitted you can view them here  on Santa Barbara County website:

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