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West Fork Cold Spring Trail Work

West Fork Cold Spring Trail Work

Sunday 10-14-18

West Fork Cold Spring

We collaborated with Montecito Trails Foundation for today’s work. MTF hired a trail builder to rebuild the trail, Doug Hulett.  He has done a ton of great work and has rebuilt the trail from the top of West Fork to the East Fork intersection with a mini excavator and many other tools.  He prepared the crew leaders with a few projects and then we took it from there with leadership from Lauren.

We had a great turn out of 21 volunteers! So we broke up into four groups. Two groups to focus on building inside edge retaining walls and two to focus on doing finish trail work.

We hiked in 0.2 miles and began (where the red line on the map is).  The majority of the work was done over the next 0.8 miles–from the start of the switchbacks to the old concrete water tunnel.

The excavator had moved a lot of earth, which created a great and wide benched trail from the top to the bottom. So, in that process, a lot of debris had made its way to the trail bench.  We were able to clear off a lot of loose debris from the trail, open up drainages, put in new grade reversals and create outslope in many key spots.

Rebuilt Switchback

Inside edge wall crew + Marc taking the photo!

Near the end of the workday a team of 3 hiked in to the rock-nose right bend on a T-post shortening mission (area shown on map, it’s the second red line). There were many T-posts on the outside edge retaining wall extending up about 6 inches to a foot, now they are either hammered down or ground off. Whew!–Exposed T-post ends are scary!

After a solid morning+ of work, we hiked out and enjoyed a great picnic lunch with some tasty beverages. And oh yes, there were cookies, until they were gone.

Huge thank you to everyone!! So much great work done!!

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So much great work done today!!

Some of the crew!


Working on a grade dip.








We drew some rubber-necking, from drivers by and bikers by :), we are SBMTV!




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