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Upper Cold Spring Trail

Upper Cold Spring Trail

September 22, 2018

National Public Lands Day

This work was done as part of a larger National Public Lands Day trail effort.  San Ysidro, Buena Vista and Cold Spring trail were worked on by many volunteers. SBMTV focused on the upper section of Cold Spring trail. Our crew of 8 tackled a section of trail starting about 0.6 miles down from the saddle and extending 0.6 miles (the section shown in red on the map below). We used hedgers to trim the sides of the trail improving riding sight lines a lot.

The majority of the work we did was benching, fixing a handful of quite tight spots. The trail is now in good shape from the saddle to the where it becomes rocky. I’ve heard the rocky section is a bit more gnarly than it was before, so be careful and wear protective gear if you ride it. The lower creek section of the trail has yet to be restored so you need to ride down either the switchback ridge (route shown in yellow on map) or other trail options to the east.

After the work we hiked back out and enjoyed a tasty snack lunch, and some great drinks. The most tasty Gatorade today!

Thank you to the crew! We had a blast and did a lot of great work!

Our next trail work day is coming right up this Sunday. We will be doing finish trail work on Cold Spring West Fork. Hope to see you there!! Check for event details on Facebook or the event page. 

**A lot more photos coming soon**


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