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Sophia Dentzel, Communications Director

Sophia has been volunteering with Sage Trail Alliance since 2015–she began shortly after she started mountain biking where she learned from new mtb friends that these beautiful trails we use don’t stay maintained with recreation use alone–Sage Trail Alliance is maintaining these trails monthly (now weekly)!

Sophia has always been an avid trail user — growing up hiking trails in the PNW and Santa Barbara, backpacking around New England, approaching rock climbs from all corners of the earth, and working on mountain biking everywhere.

Sophia studied engineering, helped build a business and now splits her time between working as Sage’s Communication Director, working on the trail with Sage’s TrailForce and mountain biking as much as possible.

What is your favorite Santa Barbara trail?
For hiking or biking?
Hiking, probably, Three Pools Beyond Seven Falls
Biking, that’s tough, maybe the Jeusuita loop including Lower Tunnel.

How did you get involved with Sage?
A CycleMaynia trail work event!, And then I met a couple of members on a ride who reintroduced me to the group.

What is your favorite trail work tool?
That’s probably a tie between a full-sized Pick-Hoe and a Rock Hammer.

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