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Review: Sunday December 9th Little Pine Trail Work

Review: Sunday December 9th Little Pine Trail Work

New view towards Alexander Saddle

On Sunday, Dec 9th, a team of 24 volunteers woke up early and journeyed into the Santa Barbara back country to repair a section of the Little Pine/Santa Cruz trail.

This event was a ‘ride-in, ride-out’ day, and handful of riders set off early to ride up to Little Pine by bike.  F our off-road vehicles caravan up Buckhorn road loaded with tools and other volunteers. It was a gorgeous sunny and crisp day, perfect weather for this exposed terrain.  And, the views were breathtaking.   

Little Pine, as many of you know, has much needed some attention these past few years.  The trail was getting dangerously narrow due to post Zaca Fire plant growth.


This past Sunday’s focus was to re-bench side  the hillside trail between the Little Pine trailhead and the ‘Meadow’.  This very exposed, narrow section is now back to near it’s original FS width guide line (three to four feet).  Heavy brush was cut back by trained hedger and lopper operators with multiple ‘dirt crews’ following behind.  The dirt crews cleared the brush and slough off of the trail bed to get back it’s wide bench. It was perfect timing for dirt work due to the recent rains.  The soil was soft, workable and allowed for efficient work to be done.
At the end of the day, a few stoked riders set out to try out the newly maintained trail and then met the entire group at the Lower Oso campground for a delicious and well deserved meal from Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch.  Beans, rice, chicken, tortillas (and an assorted bucket of beers) always hits the spot after a day of trail work with SBMTV. 
A huge thanks to day’s volunteers which include hikers, cyclists, and equestrians with representatives from SBMTV, the LPFA, SB County Outdoor Foundation, and the Wranglers.   
See you again on Little Pine this Sunday, Dec 16th:
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