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Review: Part 2 of Trail Work on Camuesa in February

February’s volunteer trail work continued on Camuesa Connector, the same beautiful trail we did in January.  This time,  15 volunteers met in Lower Oso early Sunday morning, February 12th, to ride together out to the trail.  In addition, we had Ranger Kyah La Porta  from the Forest Service to assit with the work and provide a support vehicle.

Because we started work above last month’s section, the volunteers hiked in 2 miles while carrying tools to start work!   Approximately 1.2 miles of trail was maintained from north of where we left of last month.  We then hiked back down the 2 miles with our tools, and rode the rest of the way back to the parking lot. Talk about a tough day!

Volunteers repaired 10 water diversions and knicks.  This time we had took the hedgers and loppers and worked on some of the trees hanging down onto the trail. Brushing was led by Izaak,  tread work was led by Chris and Jonelle, and  trimming was led by Eric.

We rode and worked from 9am to 2:30pm, for an total of 98.5 volunteer hours, including travel.  All of our expectations for this particular trail were met – great work!  Everyone had a great time riding in and out.  The day ended with food donated to us by The Chicken Ranch,  one of SBMTV’s  great supporters!.   We want to give a sincere thank you to our volunteers who were Izaak, Bill, Bela, Jon, Marin, Jack C., Josh, Jonelle,  August,  Cody, Adam, Shane and Jack G !   Eric, and Chris were the SBMTV Board members who organized it all.

This recent work is expected to last several years, something we are proud of!   It is our hope that by doing this monthly trail work in a sustainable way, more and more people will come to understand why it is important to build and repair trails in the right way.  By creating sustainable trails, we are not wasting the 98.5 volunteer hours that were graciously given this weekend!

We hope to see you in March for our next trail work day.  Get in touch, and get on the list for the next crew!  It’s fun, and you get a great work out.  No experience necessary.

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