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Review – May/June 2014 Jesusita Trail Work Double Header

May and June of 2014 included double header trail work events on Jesusita Trail.  On May 11, SBMTV brought together 18 volunteers to work on Jesusita from the Moreno water fountain up to the “stairs”.  And,  on June 10th SBMTV’s crew leaders and volunteers joined up with other participants and City, County, and Forest Staff to create a working crew of more than 60 volunteers for National Trails Day on lower Jesusita Trail.  This number also included two troops of Boy Scouts!

Participants cleared the corridor of encroaching brush, overhanging limbs, and improved water control features – making Jesusita trail that much more usable for our active trail community.  And…at the end of the day everyone sat down the reward of free lunch, which happens at all these events!

Hope to see you out there on one of our events soon!

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