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Review: December West Fork Volunteer Maintenance

Introductions and tool talk

SBMTV’s last trail work event of the year – the West Fork of Cold Springs maintenance – was excellent!  Thirty four volunteers – hikers, runners, cyclists, and equestrians put some muscle into taking care of West Fork and surpassed the goals for the day!


After the volunteer sign-in (ala Piper and REI),  introductions and tool use/safety talk, volunteers split into groups and headed down the trail to the work sites.  Many of the tools were transported down the trail on Bob trailwork trailers.

Heading to the work sites.

Damon’s crew repaired erosion control features and trail tread along the top 1/4 of the trail.


Eric’s hedger crew cleared a large amount of brush from the top down to the first creek crossing.  Bela, the Warns, and Joe’s crew improved water erosion features and repaired tread along the same section.


Eric brushing in the thick of it...

Joe starting in on the tread work.











Ryan and Ben’s crew re-established the tread above the water tunnel by clearing slide debris, de-berming, and re-outsloping the trail.

Lauren’s sawyer crew tackled the Bay tree growth below the water tunnel with the new “Silky Big Boy” handsaws.

And finally, Joni’s crew was able to do some much needed rock work around the pipes that criss cross the trail.

Slide material cleared, outslope re-established.

Rocks now covering tripping and sliding hazard pipe...












The West Fork of Cold Springs is now in great shape – get out there and use it.  We hope to see more hardworking volunteers come out and care for the trails in 2012 – we hope to see you!  See all photos here:

Trail before brushing and tread work.

Brush cleared and failed water bar converted to a functional "Rolling Grade Dip"


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