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Bell Program

SBMTV’s Bell Program was initiated in 2000 to mitigate trail conflict between users groups on multi use trails. SBMTV currently distributes approx 2000 bells per year through the various bell boxes placed at local trail heads.


Trail Maintenance

One of SBMTV’s main emphasis is maintaining the trails we love to ride in Santa Barbara. Typically held the first Sunday of the month you can find SBMTV on front country trails like Romero, Tunnel or Jesusita and back country trails like Camuesa, Tequepis and Santa Cruz. Join our mailing list here to receive updates on future monthly trail maintenance events.

Trail Advocacy

We not only maintain existing trails, but work with other trail user groups, land managers, and government representatives to advocate for more trails and trail access for bikes.

Bike Community Outreach

To grow the mountain biking community, SBMTV regularly participates with other like-minded community organizations to promote mountain biking as a healthy outdoor activity for all ages. Examples include hosting mountain bike skills clinics, participating in outreach events like Earth Day, community cycling events such as CycleMAYnia, and supporting groups that promote biking such as the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.

Camuesa Connector Trail Restoration

Our largest project this year has been rebuilding the first mile of Camuesa Connector Trail, which was devastated by fire and subsequent heavy rains. Work included installing culverts in large gullies, repairing switchbacks, brushing, and re-benching big slides. Finish work with hand tools was accomplished over the course of 6 volunteer days with over 200 volunteer hours.

Partners and Sponsors:
SBMTV REI, National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance, IMBA Trail Solutions, Chris Orr and Drew Perkins.

Buckhorn Trail Restoration

Currently, excavator work has been completed in the first section to the fourth switchback, 1.2 miles down the trail.  Finishing work has been completed to 1 mile, and initial brushing has been completed to 1.4 miles.  Work stopped for the summer due to fire restrictions and heat.  In the fall, after fire restrictions have been lifted by the Forest Service, we will begin with additional brushing to the creek bed and final excavator work in this section.  The next step will be to brush then cut the trail along the creek bed.

Partners and Sponsors:
SBMTV, REI, IMBA Trail Solutions, Chris Orr and Drew Perkins.  


Snyder Trail Restoration

Most of Snyder or Knapp’s Castle Trail was destroyed from fire lines cut in an effort to contain the Thomas Fire, the largest wildfire in California’s history. In some areas, the fire break is over 100 feet or “10 dozer blades wide”. SBMTV is currently working with the Forrest Service to rebuild and optimize Snyder Trail to both re-open and also for enhanced recreation. Stay tuned for updates.

Montecito Trail Recovery and Planning

The combined effects of the Thomas Fire and Flooding have destroyed 100 of homes in Montecito, devastated the community and wiped out trails like Cold Springs, San Ysidro and Romero. SBMTV is working with Los Padres Forrest service and our other local trail groups to assess the damage and create a plan to rebuild and rise stronger from the ashes and debris left in the wake of this disaster. Our current focus is on fundraising, assessment and collaboration with agencies and local trail groups.

Santa Barbara Bike Park

SBMTV’s initiative to improve access to beginner friendly, multi-use trails that focus on building bike skills, sustainability, habitat restoration and enhancing outdoor recreation opportunities for the youth and families of the Santa Barbara.

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