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November Trail Work – Romero Canyon Trail

Removing slough…

Hello SBMTV riders and friends,

This past Saturday November 11th, eleven volunteers came out on a very chilly morning to help repair sections of the Romero Canyon trail in Montecito.  Volunteers hauled tools up to the intersection of the Romero Canyon Trail / fire road and began working.  Key sections along and below the top four switchbacks were widened to improve trail users’ safety and experience.  If some of you remember that pesky root along the very narrow section within the upper switchbacks, you will be happy to know the trail bed has been re-established and is again wide enough for a horse to pass.   As soon as we had finished, a very technical trail savvy horse came through and tested the section out – it passed!


Slough that had been covering the trail in narrow sections was removed and a wider trail bed was re-established. Tight corners were cleared of heavy brush for increased visibility.  Brush and dead branches encroaching on the trail were removed to prevent trail users being pushed to the outside edges.   And of course, we also cleaned out and re-opened up a few water control structures (water bars).  To say the very least, there was a lot of work was done this past Saturday!  Everyone went home satisfied with a job well done,  full bellies, and coated in trail dirt.


A special thank you goes out to a much appreciated and delicious meal donated by Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch and to Paul and Dorothy for delivering it.


Our next trail work day is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 9th.  We will be putting our Pulaskis and McLeods to the dirt on Little Pine this time around. Exact location and time to meet is still to be determined. Mark your calendars! It’s truly a great feeling to give back to the sport you love, whether it be hiking, mtn biking or horse riding.  The thanks we receive on the trail is priceless. And the next time you hit that trail for recreation it will be that much more awesome.


Thanks again for all your support Santa Barbara,


Lindsey McManus
Trail Volunteer

Horsing on through.

An excellent crew.

Overhead brush management.

Post event SB Chicken Ranch!




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