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November 10th – Lower Romero Creek maintenance review.

OIMG_1131n Sunday November 10th, nineteen community volunteers assembled at Lower Romero Trail Head to give a whole bunch of care to the trail.   Under direction of SBMTV crew leaders, participants

  • cut back brush
  • removed slough and debris from the trail tread
  • re-established the trail tread where it had been falling or breaking away
  • added rock retaining walls and armoring to strengthen a switchback and trail tread.

After the event, everyone enjoyed a free Chicken Ranch lunch, beverages, and some good social time.  All the new work handled the recent rains and following traffic perfectly.  In addition, the water control features added to the upper Romero single track last January directed water off the trail like they were meant too.  Upper Romero still needs switchback and slough work, but is in pretty good shape!  If you have a chance, get out and check out the great work that was done.

See you on the trail!

Tread loss.

Before: Switch back with tread loss below.


After: Rock strength-ed and armored switchback and rock wall supporting widened tread.














Strengthened switchback!


Enjoying volunteer work!


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