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National Public Lands Day Roundup

One word describes today: HOT.  The weather was not our friend today. Even at our meeting time of 9 am the mercury was already rising.  Our other friend the black flies were only too happy to greet us as well.  Despite these things a lot of work was accomplished.  Like many of our trails much more work needs to be completed.

With a group of about 20 workers, including representatives from multiple agencies (Forest Service, County, City, MTC, SBMTV, and other volunteer organizations), approximately a mile and a half of trail was brushed and cleaned.  Four of the volunteers were first time workers!

With organizational help from the Front Country Trails Coordinator (Chris Orr), individuals were broken up into groups of 3 to work on 8 separate areas that were previously scouted as needing the most attention.

A major slide on the upper portion of the trail, much like the one on the Santa Cruz trail, was repaired. Greater measures to slow down the sliding in that spot could be a project for another day.

We celebrated with lunch afterwards at the top, tail-gate style.  Sandwiches,beer,water,sodas provided by SBMTV.

After lunch 4 riders dropped the trail with 2 first time riders of Cold Springs.  Mike Tarpey was quoted as saying: “Sauna like conditions but its riding great and is gnarly as ever.”

Old sign at the top of the trail letting you know how many miles to the road at the bottom.

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