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National Bike Summit



March 3-5 I had the opportunity to attend the National Bike Summit in Washington DC where the League of American Bicyclists convenes riders and activists from all over the United States to share ideas and lobby on Capitol Hill.  The culmination is a day spent on the hill in meetings with our various representatives and their staff.  You can check out some of the photos and conversation from the National Bike Summit and preceding Womens Bike Form on Twitter at #NBS14 and #womenbike or at the League website (   It was tremendously inspiring for me to hear what people have been able to accomplish in other cities and towns across the United States in bicycle infrastructure and safety.  We are fortunate that Representative Capps is a strong supporter of bicycle and pedestrian safety and infrastructure.  She is a member of the bike caucus, and has co-sponsored two recent bills aimed at improving cyclist and pedestrian safety.

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