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Lower Santa Cruz And Camuesa Trail Work

Lower Santa Cruz and Camuesa Trail Work

November 11th, 2018

Camuesa and Lower Santa Cruz Trail Work

Today we had a great turn out, 25 volunteers! We were able to split into two groups and tackle Lower Santa Cruz trail and Camuesa.

Chris, Donn and Jack, lead a crew of 9 volunteers on Lower Santa Cruz — They cut out an Oak tree that was blocking part of the trail, benched a couple sections of trail that had nearly been covered over by slough, lopped a lot of branches, and created two much needed rolling grade dips to direct water off the trail.

Lauren, Doug and Baird lead a crew of 16 volunteers on Camuesa — They fixed a long section of rutted trail, built up berms in a couple blown out turns, and worked on trail benching.

Overall a lot of great work was done on both trails! Santa Cruz trail may open soon after our next trail work event there next month, December 9th! Check for event details on Facebook or the event page.

Thank you to all the volunteers! This trail work day was a blast!

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