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July 8th Jesusita Trail Work Review

Jesusita again!  On Sunday 8th,  SBMTV crew leaders, 8 community members and Forest Service Ranger Kyah Laporte worked from last month’s stopping  point (the “traverse”) to the top of the San Roque side single track.  Along with the regular crew the day’s participants included two trail runners, an equestrian, and two new volunteers.

The remaining half mile of trail was opened up by trained crew leaders using powered brush cutters, volunteers followed  by bucking (clearing) the trail of the cut brush.  Numerous hazardous trees and “deadman” branches left over from the Jesusita fire were also cleared.

The work day was followed up by a Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch lunch and refreshments at McKenzie Park.  Participants left satiated and tuckered-out from the day’s work.

Statistics for the day:
– one half mile of trail brushed
– 8 volunteers
– 5.5 hours of work
– 44 total hours of work
– $1063.92 total donation in kind to Santa Barbara community through volunteer hours*











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