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July 12th San Ysidro Trail Work Total Success

We had about 15 hearty souls who showed up for this ride and work event.  Two “old school” BOB trailers were used to bring larger tools down the trail.  Mostly packable trail bosses and loppers were carried down the trail by all riders.  San Ysidro was and still is in dire need of some TLC.  There are many locations that are completely rutted and in need of repair.  We could have easily spent 4 or 5 work days doing every section of San Ysidro.

Crews of three with a trail crew leader road down the trail and leap frogged each other repairing sections as they went.   A few water control structures (knicks mostly) were installed.  Some very old water bars were repaired to the best of our ability.  They had eroded so badly that trail traffic was moved to the outer edge of the trail.

As the noon hour struck and the heat of the day became overwhelming all had fun riding down the rest of the single track.  Unfortunately, due to the authors exhausted state, no pictures or movies were taken of the rider with the BOB trailer flying down the infamous San Ysidro “stairs.”  Let me just say, it was a sight to see with the trailer bouncing everywhere.

We ended the day by riding from the bottom of San Ysidro all the way back to Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co in the Funk Zone.  Once there we enjoyed a variety of tasty brews from their tap.  We also enjoyed pizza,salad, and wings from a local eatery.  How else could you end a hard day of trail work and riding?

A special thanks to Mitch from SB Fitness Tours for providing shuttle service to the top of San Ysidro trail so that the rest of us could enjoy a day of work and riding.

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