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Huge Arroyo Burro North trailwork accomplished!

Eighteen hearty volunteers worked Arroyo Burro North Trail on Sunday, November 9th, accomplishing a huge amount of brushwork and trail tread repair.  Trailwork in the back country is always logistically challenging as volunteers, tools and supplies must be transported to the trailhead and back to access points.  This group of folks definitely came to work.  Three hedger operators and trailing hand tool crews took out the majority of overgrown brush, improving sight lines and allowing users to stay on the high side of the trail.  Trail treads were widened and cleared, providing safer and more sustainable passage for all user groups.  One right hand switchback has been plagued by scree buildup, but a tremendous amount of work by Rebekah Dillon and Michael Blake resulted in vast improvements on this section.  Some volunteers hiked out, and others used their bikes to make their way to the bottom of the trail.  Everyone enjoyed the lovely terrain and foliage.  We then headed to Paradise Store for some much deserved refreshment and food.  What a day!!  A huge thanks and kudos goes out to all our volunteers, and a special shout out to our youngest volunteer, Marley Cogan, who specialized in brush clearing and valiantly soldiered through a tough day.

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