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Elings “Day of Caring” Community Trail Work Day

Saturday the 20th Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers partnered up with Elings Park Staff and Santa Barbara United Way to continue SBMTV’s ongoing campaign to ‘maintain and sustain’ the Trails at Elings Park.  20 volunteers including Elings Park Executive Director, Michael Nelson worked together to trim brush, improve the existing tread and improve erosion control features in preparation for the (hopefully) wet months ahead.   We lucked out with perfect weather and concluded the day with lunch from tasty refreshments and Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch! Stay tuned for future Elings trail work days as SBMTV is looking forward to continuing our Elings campaign through the fall and winter as soil conditions improves with the hope of some rain! See you on the trail!



Day of Caring-2014

Day of Caring-2014 019

Day of Caring-2014 024


Day of Caring-2014 028 Day of Caring-2014 032 photo 4 photo 3  photo 2  photo 2 photo 1 photo

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IMG_1654 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1651 IMG_1652 IMG_1650 photo 3 copy photo 2 copy 2 "Fresh Tracks"

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