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CycleMAYnia Roundup

May was an exciting month for bicycles in Santa Barbara as we celebrated them all month long.  If you missed any or all of the events this year, don’t worry, it happens every year!  Information is posted on the official website at  SBMTV members participated in multiple activities and SBMTV itself hosted a few of those activities.

Dirt Curious Skills Clinic

The day started with an introductory course to mountain biking and bike handling.  SBMTV’s own Michael Blake was kind enough to teach the class.  He is an IMBA certified instructor ( which means he knows his stuff!  He began with the most basic of skills, knowing your bike.  Students held their bike up in the air while he showed them that just slight changes in brake control can affect many things. He showed  how to handle your breaks and seat position when riding up or down hills.  Later instruction was given on riding through switchbacks and how to keep your eye in the direction you want to go and not down in front of you.

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Introduction to Trials Riding

Michael Blake was once again kind enough to teach this course.  Obstacles were set up and basic instruction on how to ride up,over, and back down was given.

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Wheelie Clinic/Contest

What more is there to say other than there are some talented wheelie experts in our midst!  A short course on how to keep your weight balanced and maximize time in the wheelie position was taught.  The contest was then held on the driveway leading up to bbq area and some riders made it all the way to the end of the driveway.  Not unexpectedly, the winner was Michael Blake.  He was last seen doing a wheelie all the way back to his house.

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Volunteer Appreciation BBQ and Raffle

Fun was had by all who attended and many awesome prizes were given away.  Did I mention there was tasty beer from Telegraph Brewing?  A raffle was held and forks and frames were given away to SBMTV members.  For each ticket purchased by a member they received one free ticket.

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