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Building the “Great Wall of Jesusita”, Events #1 and #2


Some time in the Summer of 2104, part of the Jesusita trail tread between Tunnel and Inspiration Pt. gave way and slid downslope…

On National Public Lands Day, September 27th and then on Sunday October 12th, volunteers from SBMTV, MTC, LPFA worked with staff from Santa Barbara City, County, and Los Padres National Forest to start the repair of the damaged trail tread…and the build of the “Great Wall of Jesusita” has begun!  


Using rock slings, buckets, and the usual selection of trail tools, the crew has moved, dry stacked, and set a number of tons (tons) of rock into a wall that will both support the hillside and will also (eventually) serve at the armored trail tread above the wall.  Hold on folks…it’s not done yet.  It may take another event or two to get all the rock and fill in to replace the trail – and we could use a little help, a few good arms, and a number of good backs.  We could use you!  (Yes, that is also a challenge…)

Below, photos from events #1 and #2.  Look at those smiling volunteers, this could be you!  Look at that wall – a little part of that could be yours!  See you on the trail…!  

Event #1 NPLD 9/27:


DSC08778 DSC08779 DSC08785 DSC08787DSC08795 DSC08798 DSC08801 DSC08803 DSC08806 DSC08809
























































Event #2 SBMTV Second Sunday 10/12:


DSC08813 DSC08824DSC08832DSC08845DSC08847DSC08820 DSC08823DSC08825 DSC08826DSC08833DSC08853

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