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**Trail Academy 2020 is Full, but, keep reading, we have a few spots that will likely open up so email in to and we will add you to a waitlist. Also, the first portion of the academy, the day 1 morning classroom session, is not capped and open for everyone to attend, please RSVP via facebook or by emailing in to for that, it’s going to be a very informative lecture on sustainable trail design, Thank you for you interest, we hope to see you there!!**

SAGE Trail Academy 2020 and Crew Leader Certification 
The SAGE Trail Academy is a program to build trail stewardship skills and grow the size and skill level of our local trail maintenance community.  This program has been funded by a grant from REI and has a $250 per person value.

To be determined, Majority will be on local Santa Barbara trails and there will also be 1 classroom session.

Date and Time:
Saturday, January 4th, 8:30 am-4:30 pm and
Sunday, January 5th, 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Drew Perkins – Trails Program Director of Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz
Drew is a world-renowned trail design expert and builder, with a decade of experience from Alaska to Austria.

This is a two-day intensive trail leader training school modeled after Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz’s Trail Academy (

Some of the Trail Maintenance and Construction techniques we will cover:

  • Trail Evaluation
  • How to maintain and build sustainable trails
  • User experience design for sustainability
  • Basics of Trail Construction
  • Trail Assessment and Work Prescription
  • Volunteer Crew Management
  • Coordinating with land managers 
  • Safety and First Aid  
  • Specific techniques including:Erosion control features: Rolling Grade Dips and Knicks
    • Grade Reversals
    • Outslope, backslope, and tread rules
    • Rebenching
    • Repairing damaged switchbacks and turns 
    • Brush trimming and clearing
    • Rock crib wall construction
    • Rock armoring

This course is for both beginners to advanced trail workers, even previous Trail School grads. There will be a lot of information provided, you will surely learn new things, eat well and have some fun!

RSVP Below:
Members: $20 refundable deposit.
Non-Members: $50 payment (!!=> If you become a member for $39, the Academy is included in your membership so it is just the $20 refundable deposit to secure your spot!)
Deposit refunded after course completion.
(become a member here for $39!)
$250 value (instructor, food, t-shirt)

Member Deposit/ Non-Member Payment:
Shirt Size (M/W),(XS|S|M|L|XL)
Dietary Restrictions:

Scholarships available, inquire here:

Want more info?  Shoot us an email:



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