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2011-08-21 Jesusita Traverse Trail Work Review

Blake on the traverse before the work begins

Nutrient rich soil from past fires and last spring’s rains  enabled the the brush on Jesusita trail to grow fast and heartily this year – causing some travel difficulties for trail users and additional erosion of the trailbed.  On Sunday August 21st, the Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers (SBMTV) hosted a work project on the Jesusita “traverse” to improve travel and mitigate the damage.

Fifteen volunteers from the hiking, running, mountain biking, and equestrian communities participated in the day’s work and shaped the Jesustia traverse into the best condition it has been in during the past ten years.

Dave standing between the encroaching brush and a section of trail that he just cleared.

The encroaching brush that had covered much of the trail and had pushed users to the outside edge of the trail was cut back to expose the original four foot wide trail bed.  Volunteers then removed slide/slough material from the trail and re-established the tread to the center of the trail bed is sections that had crumbled away.

The volunteers where able to complete the whole “traverse” section in about two hours.  A record time for the amount of excellent work that was done!  The day was a great example of how a small group of dedicated individuals can make a difference for the community.

Join in and help make more of a difference!  There will be a National Public Lands Day event in September and monthly maintenance events following!  Watch for event details.

Get out and check out Jesusita Trail!

Kimber brushing with a smile!

Lauren and James removing slough material from a newly widened trailbed!

Will, getting it done...well!

Paul, re-establishing the trail tread.

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